Challenges of the CVF Project – Part 3 – Project Management

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In the final part of my series of blogs on the CVF Project, I would like to look at some of the challenges associated with the Project Management. The Project Management scope for the project was comprehensive and covered the technical work, contract management, chartering management and operational management. With around 86,000 tonnes of cargo (around 45 shipments) spread over 5 build yards around the UK, one or all of the above could be on-going at any one time. Whilst we were authoring and delivering operational and technical packages to agreed deadlines, we were also sourcing and negotiating tugs for …

Port of Bombay wage reciept

From our Archives – Delivery of S.S. Parvati to Bombay, November 1927

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100 years’ worth of archived projects makes for some interesting reading. Today’s world of almost instantaneous marine communications would be unrecognizable to our ship delivery team in the early 1900s. In November 1927, the British Empire still in full swing, Henry Abrams & Sons were contracted to deliver a triple expansion steamer vessel – the SS Parvati – to Bombay from the Grangemouth Dockyard.