Malin Group News – July 2020

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As thing slowly start to return to a new normal, the Malin Group are forging ahead with a number of exciting projects – from the exciting news around Type 26, to the merge of Henry Abram & Sons and Malin Marine Consultants to form Malin Abram – as well as your chance to download Heavylift Engineering Magazine edition 3!We are delighted to have secured a contract to transport and launch the iconic Type 26 vessel on the banks of the Clyde. The project involves loading the ship onto a bespoke semi-submersible launch barge, before moving downriver and submerging at a specially selected site on …

Malin Group News – May 2020

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With a continuation of lockdown, the Malin Group remain resilient, forging ahead with a number of exciting projects – from consultancy to vessel mobilisations – as well as some interesting pulley action from our young engineers!     The lockdown continues but in the world of international transport, we don’t do things by halves and it’s not enough to be experiencing lockdown in your own home, we had two employees locking down in a hotel in Europe for 14 days as part of quarantine requirements before they attended an essential load-out of oil field equipment onto a barge. This demonstrates …

Malin Group News – April 2020

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With a continuation of lockdown, the Malin Group remain resilient, forging ahead with a number of exciting projects – from consultancy to vessel mobilisations – and there is still time to download our Heavylift Engineer magazine, edition 2! As lock down enters a second month, things are ticking along at Malin Marine Consultants and Henry Abram and Sons. With the government identifying transport workers as essential to maintaining supply lines, our employees are focused on delivering projects for client’s who still have essential items of equipment to move around, ensuring the supply chain for energy is still functioning. In doing …

Project Update; TechnipFMC’s offshore project campaigns

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Malin Group recently transported loaded reels from Le Trait to Nigg for some of TechnipFMC’s offshore project campaigns. The scope; • Chartering a suitable vessel • Design of seafastenings • Provision of associated engineering package   Malin Group were responsible for marine superintendence across load out and discharge ports to ensure everything went to plan and the Transportation Manual was followed.   #MalinGroup #TechnipFMC #marinesuperintendence  

Samuel Lee – Case Study

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EX-MILITARY PERSONNEL EMPLOYMENT CASE STUDY Name Samuel Lee Current Position Project Manager, Cleanship Solutions Ltd Service Record 2007-2014 Royal Navy Electrical Marine Engineer Submariner About Sam Sam is an Ex-Royal Navy Marine Engineer on HM Submarines, currently working as a Project Manager at Cleanship Solutions, part of the Malin Group. Sam is responsible for managing the tendering, design, fabrication and installation of Ballast Water Treatment Systems and Scrubbers. Sam lives in Glasgow with his wife, child and dogs, and has a passion for football and sports cars. Sam’s Story “The transition from the forces to civilian life can be daunting …

Malin Group adds John Tracey Welding to the Group

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Malin Group is delighted to announce that John Tracey Welding Ltd is now part of the group. This addition to the Group will mean we can offer specialist welding, welder training and the ability to provide Weld Procedures in house. John Tracey Welding will still operate independently, servicing their existing clients with specialist fabrication and welding services. John Tracey Welding is known in the business for supplying first class welders in material ranging from carbon steel, aluminium, stainless steel, super duplex and more complex materials like titanium and this ability coupled with our existing skills at Malin Fabrication will mean …

Malin Group achieve major milestone in delivering Minesto buoy for Deep Green project

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A huge well done is in order for our teams at Malin Marine Consultants Aberdeen and Main Fabrication for their work on the Minesto buoy. Malin Marine Consultants Aberdeen won the project at the end of 2016 to design, build and deliver an offshore buoy which will function as a Micro Grid Support platform on station for up to 5 years in the Irish Sea. Further to this, the two teams are also fitting out all the marine systems and supplying bespoke morning equipment, which will also be manufactured in Scotland. Below is a recent press release outlining the feat …

Project Engineer – Heavylift & Marine

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Malin Group is recruiting with roles available within our Malin Marine Consultants (Glasgow) Ltd, and Henry Abram & Sons Ltd companies. Malin Marine Consultants Glasgow are looking to expand their heavy lift team due to new business and projects in 2018. What Does A Heavylift Engineer Mean To You? A basic understanding of how cranes, heavy haulage, and/or project cargo shipping works is a good place to start! So if you have any experience in: contract lift engineering heavy haulage/SPMT engineering skidding, weighing deep sea breakbulk/project cargo shipping and have a technical qualification at any level please get in touch, …

Why we do not want “customers”!

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We have no customers nor do we want any… we want clients! But first, what is a customer? The Collins dictionary describes them as “a person who buys goods or services, especially from a shop.” Now, we don’t have a shop, but we offer services, so why not aspire to increase the number of customers we have? Well, because customers buy commodities and this is not what we offer. We offer complex solutions at a fair price. A very important distinction that is being lost these days in tougher financial times, but is becoming all the more important as our …

Challenges of the CVF Project – Part 3 – Project Management

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In the final part of my series of blogs on the CVF Project, I would like to look at some of the challenges associated with the Project Management. The Project Management scope for the project was comprehensive and covered the technical work, contract management, chartering management and operational management. With around 86,000 tonnes of cargo (around 45 shipments) spread over 5 build yards around the UK, one or all of the above could be on-going at any one time. Whilst we were authoring and delivering operational and technical packages to agreed deadlines, we were also sourcing and negotiating tugs for …