Ballast Blog – Invader of the Week – Quagga Mussel

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This week’s invader of the week is the Quagga Mussel

The Quagga Mussel (Dreissena Rostriformis Bugensis) is a species of mussel native to the Black and Caspian seas, thought to have been transported to Western Europe and North America through ships’ ballast water. Whilst not posing a direct predatory threat to local species, the Quagga Mussel does significantly disrupt the local aquatic lifecylce due to its prodigious filtering of the local water of important phytoplankton and suspended particulates, with each mussel capable of filtering up to one litre of water per day. The Quagga Mussel’s tenacious breeding abilities make it a significant economic threat to industrial and civil areas.

Ballast Blog – Invader of the Week – Killer Shrimp

Malin Group Ballast Blog

This week’s invader of the week is the Killer Shrimp.

The Killer Shrimp (Dikerogammarus Villosus) is actually an amphipod, rather than a shrimp, but earns its reputation from its aggressive and vicious behaviour. Native to the Black and Caspian seas, it is thought to have been transported to Western Europe and, most recently, the United Kingdom via the ballast water and hulls of ships.

Ballast Blog – Invader of The Week – Asian Shore Crab

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Much of the marine industry is focused on the commercial issues with regards to ballast water treatment. To raise the awareness of the ecologic issue of invasive species, BWC will be now be posting an “Invader of the Week” blog post each week. This week it is the delightful Asian Shore Crab…

Belgium Ratify Ballast Water Convention

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On 7th March 2016, Belgium became the 49th country to ratify the Ballast Water Management Convention, bringing the legislation tantalisingly close to final ratification. Belgium’s ratification brings the total number of states to 48, representing 34.82% of the world’s merchant fleet tonnage. The convention will enter into force 12 months after 30 states, representing 35% of the worlds merchant shipping tonnage has ratified.

BWC Publish White Paper – Project Cargo

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Ballast Water Containers has published an informative white paper aimed at the heavy lift transportation and project cargo market titled “Project Cargo – The Challenges of Ballast Water Management Compliance.” The aim of the paper is to provide assistance to operators in the project cargo market who are, undoubtedly, currently experiencing uncertainty regarding what the new ballast water management regulations will mean for their ongoing business.