Malin Group News – November 2019

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As we approach the Christmas holidays, the Malin group have been busy finalising a number of key projects and getting ready for the opportunities that await in 2020.

Who doesn’t like a good tender? The opportunity to grapple with a new problem, solve the main issues and the chance to demonstrate to your potential client the expertise and added value you would bring if selected for the work.

November has been a tender heavy month. We are fielding loads of enquiries, ranging from clients who need some technical consultancy to those who want a complete turn key heavy lift solution. The tenders involve a myriad of cargo ranging from subsea equipment all the way up to completed ships.

Business as usual continues in the background as well. We have some late season shipping work in the run up to the Christmas party and the assigned team will be hoping for good weather and no delays so they are back in time for the annual Christmas Quiz!

And we have one lucky employee escaping the winter weather, flying out to Asia to co-deliver a bespoke training course written with one of our clients. This a represents a new offering from the group, with the aim to share our knowledge and expertise with others to build best practice. Watch this space to find out more about our training going forward – and in the meantime, you can also sign up for our free, impartial heavy lift magazine (

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Aerial view of a scrubber installation project in Turkish shipyard. 

With the Sulphur Cap deadline growing ever closer, the team at Cleanship have been working steadily to assist shipowners in readying themselves for its implementation. In addition to ongoing detailed design engineering projects, Cleanship scrubber superintendents have been assisting the installation of scrubbers in shipyards across the globe.

Having a Cleanship scrubber superintendent present during the installation of scrubber systems in the yard has already been of huge time and cost benefit to shipowners. Our superintendents have functioned as an additional line of defence for shipowners in overseeing the correct installation processes, mitigating design and fabrication stumbling blocks and ultimately reducing the risk of hidden costs creeping into the overall bill from the shipyard.

The presence of our superintendents in the yard has also been hugely beneficial for our design engineers. Just as we use our knowledge of the eventual design engineering process to boost the quality of our 3D scanning offering, our supervision service has enabled our team to become better informed about shipyard requirements and improve overall design efficiency. ‘Tales from the Shipyard’ became the topic of our first Cleanship Conversations event, a newly created series of seminar style events hosted within our HQ aimed at promoting cross disciplinary knowledge sharing across the organisation.

Training events weren’t the only ones in the calendar for us in November. We also hosted our launch event, celebrating the official opening of the new Cleanship HQ. Then, we jetted off to join our colleagues at Cleanship Hong Kong in celebrating Hong Kong Maritime Week. As part Maritime Week, we sponsored and attended the Asia Maritime Breakfast, hosted our very own seminar and officially became an associate of the Hong Kong Shipowners Association.

As we get ready to head off to Marinetech in Shanghai, we’re looking forward to an even more eventful festive period!

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This month has been all about collaboration and development for BWC. With an increase in the number of ballast water treatment system (BWTS) manufacturers now gaining IMO type-approval (under the revised G8 guidelines) and more new-to-market suppliers nearing the completion of basic testing, BWC have initiated discussions with various companies and have received a distinct interest to collaborate and develop an efficient, low-risk and time-saving installation method for shipping clients as well as mobile and port-based solutions. This has proved effective in the past, with several exciting design collaborations:

BWC are also happy to announce that they will be partnering up with sister-company, Cleanship, on various marketing projects. This will include the lauch of a new BWC website.

“I think that the product that BWC offers will really compliment Cleanship in providing a full turnkey solution for shipowners.” – William Stirling, Design Engineer, BWC.  

Lastly, BWC attended the 2019 Tanker Shipping & Trade Conference in London (hosted by Riviera Maritime Media) in order to discuss solutions to the predicted ‘congestion’ in the BWM Compliance industry over the next couple of years. With installations predicted to ‘spike’ in 2022, many ship owners have now expressed an interest in containerisation as a time and cost-efficient installation alternative as this allows the treatment system to be pre-installed and tested prior to arrival at the vessel.

To find out more about this exciting topic and the other solutions offered by BWC, visit: or contact our team of specialists at +44 (0)141 221 3075.

November was a busy month for the Scottish Marine Technology Park, with remediation high on the agenda. A firm focus has now been placed upon planning to guarantee that the remediation works may commence in February 2020. The team have been working tirelessly to ensure that we may make real progress in the few dry months of 2020. 

With phase 1 planning granted, we now turn our attention to phase 2, which consists of our Common Marine Facility, 1100Te Ship Lift, Research & Development Facilities, Office space and a wetland reserve.  Phase 2 will form the beating heart of the park, founded upon the Malin group values of heritage, innovation, ethical sourcing and expertise. Excitedly, we are currently in discussions with Peter Brett Associates and GD Lodge (Lead Architects) to establish an initial concept design for Phase 2 - and this presents a real opportunity for you to get involved. Engaging with us at this early conceptual stage will provide your company with the chance to make a real mark as pioneers in this ground-breaking project – as well as the chance to co-create a building that fits with your own values and mission.  To find out more about how you can get involved, email ​

Visit or contact our team of specialists at +44 (0)141 221 3075.