Malin Group News – October 2019

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As we head into the Winter months, the Malin group have been busy finalising a number of key projects and getting ready for the opportunities that await in 2020.

October was the month of collaboration here at Malin Marine Consultants and Henry Abram and Sons. We have been working on several projects with other Group companies.

Our structural team are harnessing their expertise, designing a large test beam for an exciting design project being led by Malin Marine. Whilst the loading cases are reasonably simple, the complex geometry and systems integration requirements have demanded a high level of proficiency: the two teams have collaborated closely and communicated effectively, to create an innovative, bespoke solution to this exciting project.

We are also reaching the successful completion of another major project. Our Group partners at Malin Fabrication have just finalised the fabrication of a complex steel structure that was designed by our structures team. Henry Abram and Sons are directing the transport requirements and once safely delivered to its destination, Malin Marine will be in charge of managing the installation team at the client’s facility.

Even with winter arriving, and weather deteriorating, we still have some brave team members out transporting kit: we were in France supervising a reel being loaded to a coaster. A normally straight forward job, this project was complicated by the fact that the reel was part cargo, sharing space on a ship with other equipment. This meant that a standard securing arrangement was not achievable due to space restraints. Instead, we had to design a system that could work in the confined space and satisfy both the client and the Warranty Surveyor. Projects such as this illustrate the commitment we have to offering our clients the best solution, harnessing innovative and creative ideas, teamed with tested processes and experience.

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October proved to be a month of consolidation and continued progress for Malin Marine.

The React team was busy building its Alliance network across England and along the west coast of Scotland in anticipation of what is expected to be a busy start to the season in 2020. Finishing touches were also made to the design of its new air transportable hotworks container, a solution created to support rapid mobilisations of equipment spreads globally.

The Malin Workboat team has been active in its development of a range of finance options for prospective buyers, whilst engaging with a number of existing owners on repower and offseason vessel overhaul and conversion scope.

The Malin Subsea team completed a preliminary design review for its >1500 tonne load test beam designed to support pipe lay operations ahead of steel cutting in November. New order intake included the turnkey supply of a 30 tonne lift point for a client that builds subsea vehicles and the design, build and manufacture of a 1:1 scale manned submersible mock-up for an overseas naval project to enable unmanned testing of new launch and recovery systems.

The Malin Consult team have collaborated with a tier 1 oil and gas contractor, supported the development of a docking specification for a major vessel conversion.

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Filippo Lossani of EcoSpray conducting a training session for members of the Project Supervision team at the new Cleanship HQ.

It has been another busy month for Cleanship! We have just relocated to our brand new workspace within The Athenaeum building in Glasgow’s city centre. Every aspect of the space has been designed to reflect Cleanship’s unique culture and our aspirations for the brand. We’re looking forward to putting the space to good use and driving forward with some exciting new projects alongside 6 new team members. We have expanded our team to include Mircea and Alin, our new scrubber retrofit design engineers, Yavuz and Gian, our 2 new project managers, Ivan our project supervisor and Darren, our newest graduate naval architect. We’re very happy to have them onboard!

We have expanded our service offering to include on-site installation supervision, with several of our engineers taking their expertise to shipyards across the globe to aid in the efficient and effective installation of scrubber retrofits. To further assist in the effective supervision of retrofit projects, we recently welcomed delegates from EcoSpray who led a productive training session for our team within our new seminar space.

The addition of our onsite installation supervision service speaks to our wider plans for supporting shipowners and manufacturers with their environmental compliance challenges. To this end, we are very pleased to announce that we are now able to offer turnkey retrofit solutions, combining our retrofit engineering expertise with the installation and fabrication capabilities of our global partners. Our turnkey retrofit service offers highly flexible solutions to suit any vessel location. We are very proud to bring this much needed solution to the marketplace as further testimony to our commitment to helping shipowners improve the environment impact of their vessels.

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BWC continue to witness a strong and steady growth in enquiries from the Shipping Industry, teamed with a recent increase in enquiries for Port-based Treatment Solutions. This suggests, as we get closer to 2024, that many Shipowners and Port Operators are now exploring the various contingency measures available under the IMO and USCG legislations.

In early October BWC attended the Scottish Graduates Careers Fair at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. This provided an opportunity to illustrate to the future generation of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, how they may grow their expertise and work to transform the engineering industry through the variety of exciting opportunities available at BWC, as well as the wider Malin Group.

As more new-to-market equipment manufacturers are now being awarded IMO Type Approval under the new, more stringent, approval codes, we at BWC continue to engage with new manufacturers and launch design feasibilities to ensure that we can continue to offer our clients a broad range of systems, tailored for all possible applications.

Lastly, with the appointment of a new Group-wide marketing manager, BWC are excited to be kicking off a piece of work designed to interrogate their current marketing materials with a view to create a set of bespoke materials, which demonstrate the ways in which we may assist our customers, and the economic and environmental impacts these solutions have. You can find out more about our full range of services and speak to our representative at the upcoming Tanker shipping and Trade event in London on the 26-27th November.  or contact our team of specialists at +44 (0)141 221 3075.

The SMTP site and its remediation challenges are rare for this country and offer a real opportunity to share and build knowledge – a collaborative approach we are committed to. This has therefore been an exciting month for the park, with a real focus on remediation and collaboration: we have been busy establishing a team of remediation experts to assist us with our plans for the coming months.

A key member of this remediation team is Paul Dumble, who brings over thirty years of expertise and experience to the project, having previously had remediation impact in the oil fields of Kuwait. Paul will be joined by Professor Vernon Phoenix from Strathclyde University. An experienced microbiologist, Professor Phoenix will work with Paul to research and innovate, trialling new techniques in the remediation field. This core team will also be collaborating closely with our partners at Peter Brett Associates (PBA) and West Dumbartonshire Council to ensure the site is compliant with SEPA guidelines.

We also began early stages of demolition activities on the site: the main processing area was inspected for contaminants (asbestos etc.) prior to any works being conducted in this area. We should have more of an update on this in the coming months and we will keep everyone posted on when works will commence.

As we move forward with the development of the site, we are seeing more and more interest from clients in the Marine Engineering field who wish to be part of this exciting, innovative project – the largest Marine technology hub in western Europe. If you are interested in finding out more, or expressing an interest, contact

Visit or contact our team of specialists at +44 (0)141 221 3075.