Malin Group News – August 2019

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August might be the holiday season but the Malin Group has been busy this month.

Here's what the group companies have been up to...

Last month was one of mixed emotions for the team at Henry Abram & Sons Ltd. The team were delighted to see another OPV vessel safely delivered from inside the build shed to floating alongside the quay. However, as this was the last of a 5-ship programme, there was a degree of sadness as well. However, as it is summer (regardless of the weather), and always a busy time in the shipping trade, there was little time to mope and the team had other projects to move onto.

Malin Marine Consultants have been busy carrying out Heavy-lift transport consultancy work, assisting our clients with vessel and barge shipments. These jobs have been offering up some interesting technical challenges as we squeeze cargo onto barges with very little room for sea-fastenings. No sooner are the technical packages complete than the engineers are off to site to oversee the loading and sea-fastening. Passport stamps collected in the month of July include Bulgaria, Turkey and of course Govan! Looking forward to next month, the engineering and site visits continue unabated and the tender teams are busy looking on a few exciting projects that will hopefully keep us busy through the long winter months.

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The Aberdeen office has been very busy on a number of fronts during the last month, including:

Malin Workboats – the Workboat team have been finalising class packs for all five vessels in the now extensive range. In addition offers have been made to a number of clients who are now showing strong interest in the offering. Targeting the upper end of the market where customers value operability, reliability and reduced running costs, Malin Workboats has found a niche where they can be very competitive with more established builders, especially given the rising cost of the Euro.

Malin React – the React team have been very busy supporting customers with last minute mobilisation/demobilisation requests in locations from Nigg to Vizag, India. The team has also been developing improved grillage and sea fastening arrangements for customers wanting to reduce time spent alongside. Strong interest in the React Alliance offering continues as customers value the single point of contact able to action mobilisations anywhere in the UK with or without engineering content and oversight.

Malin Consult – The Consult team have been conducting deployment analysis work for a number of tier one contractors keen to better understand their go-no-go criteria for their existing launch and recovery systems. Removing the ‘greyness’ that exists around sea state and deployment capability being the customers primary focus.

Malin Subsea – The Subsea team have been heavily engaged in the design and delivery of a number of equipment scopes for Pipelay systems, manned submersibles, ROV spreads and trenchers. There continues to be strong a demand for Malin Subsea’s practical approach to engineering and their ability to rapidly actualise the equipment they design using the specialist skills of Malin’s internal fabrication/technical teams.

In short a busy month for Malin Marine with a healthy mix of delivery and tendering for future scopes.

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In-line Scrubber Integration on Bulk Carrier

With just over 4 months to go until the implementation of the IMO’s 2020 Sulphur Cap regulation, Cleanship has continued to provide the industry with essential guidance and solutions to prepare for the future.  

With an eye on the upcoming deadline, Cleanship will be launching a dedicated portal,, to educate and inform shipowners. Whether shipowners choose scrubbers or low sulphur fuel oil (LSFO) as their compliance solution, the portal will provide invaluable information and insights. The portal is designed to answer the pertinent questions and ensure a smooth transition to a new way of operating. Key features will include the latest fuel oil spreads, checklists for preparing for LSFO tank cleaning and Sulphur Cap Ship Implementation Plans.

Cleanship surveyors have recently attend vessels in five continents to conduct Inventory of Hazardous Materials and 3D Scanning. In our Glasgow HQ, ongoing design engineering is being conducted for over 100 scrubber retrofits and numerous integrations on ballast water treatment systems.

Cleanship is also pleased to announce the establishment of a design office in Hong Kong to further enhance our service offering to our clients and to support retrofit supervision activities in Chinese shipyards. More information on this will be released over the coming weeks.

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Expansion into the Shipping Industry

Over the past few months, in response to an increased rate of enquires, the BWC team has been busy expanding its capabilities to cater for potential clients in the shipping industry, as well as the barge and offshore industries.

To succeed in this approach, BWC has been in continuous discussions with industry professionals, from ship operators, management companies and equipment manufacturers to publication editors and event organisers.

Ship Solution Proposals

In the recent weeks surrounding this expansion, BWC has submitted numerous proposals to potential clients. These include European shipyards and operators, as well as ship management companies and equipment manufacturers.

New BWC Product Offerings

In terms of product design, the BWC team has been working to expand its offerings regarding BWTS housing options.

Feedback and discussions with companies operating in the shipping industry demonstrated that for permanent ship installations, end-clients may in many cases still opt for installing their system within a marine deckhouse, fabricated on-board, rather than a containerised option.

In response to this, BWC have now developed the ‘Deckhouse Module’ product, which is ia pre-fabricated pre-installed marine deckhouse, designed in accordance with class rules and is provided with pre-approval certification.

New BWC Service Offerings

BWC believe that adopting a modular installation approach will reduce the risks, time and costs associated with the BWTS installation process.

For potential clients to determine whether or not this is an efficient solution for their specific vessels or fleets, BWC are now offering a ‘BWC Feed Study’ service. This will analyse all aspects relating to the installation works required for their vessels and ultimately illustrate which options best suit their needs.

General streamlining of internal processes

To make sure BWC is always prepared for an ever-increasing rate of enquiries, internal processes are continuously revised and improved. This ensures that the best possible service is provided to clients at all times.

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In 2018 Malin Group began an exciting new project, and purchased 50 Acres of brownfield site on the banks of the River Clyde. Development of the site has been ongoing for around 12 months and is being managed by Malin Group Properties.

Malin Properties has begun to take steps to gauge the appetite to bring the Marine industry back to the Clyde. Currently there has been a great deal of interest expressed and it is hoped that within the next few months we will have our first partners onboard.

August also saw Malin Properties engage with the local council regarding the final stages of planning for the large fabrication building planned for the Western edge of the site. It is hoped that by the end of next month we will be able to confirm that planning permission has been granted.

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