BWC and Ecochlor agree strategic collaboration

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BWC and Ecochlor have agreed to a strategic collaboration which will increase the Ballast Water Management options available to the shipping industry.

Ballast Water Containers CEO, Richard Lawson commented: “BWC have been impressed with Ecochlor’s unique BWT technology and we are delighted that we can now offer a mobile containerised version of the system. Our clients, whether ship owners, barge owners or port service companies will now benefit from having a mobile version of the Ecochlor® Ballast Water Treatment System.

Ecochlor concept (Side View)

Ecochlor President, Tom Perlich stated: “We are pleased to be working with BWC and believe their methodology will be welcomed by regulators around the world and satisfy a vital portion of the ballast water treatment market including for older vessels that would not incur the expense of installing a permanent system. This technology can extend the useful life of these vessels.”

About Ecochlor

Ecochlor, Inc. provides shipowners with cost effective, environmentally safe ballast water treatment solutions that comply with all enacted and proposed standards and regulations. The Ecochlor® BWTS uses a two-step process to treat ballast water – filtration followed by disinfection with the well-known biocide, chlorine dioxide.

The Ecochlor system is highly efficient because all treatment takes place at the ballasting stage, with no additional treatment required prior to discharge. The system’s effectiveness is not impaired by variations in salinity, temperature, turbidity, organics, and vibration, which can impact other treatment options. Furthermore, the small size, low power, and low maintenance characteristics of the Ecochlor system make it ideally suited for installation on the world’s largest ships.

For more information on the Ecochlor® BWTS, visit the company website.

About BWC

BWC Ltd, based in Glasgow, Scotland, has pioneered ballast water management compliance for the shipping industry by developing mobile containerised BWT systems that are suitable for retrofit, sharing or as port-based solutions; offering unparalleled choice to the shipping and barge industries.

For more information about BWC, visit the company website.