BALLAST BLOG – Invader of the Week – Common Bream

Malin Group Ballast Blog

This weeks article looks at the common bream, a freshwater fish native to part of Europe and Western Asia.

There have been several instances of the common bream outside of its native habitat, mainly due to deliberate introductions to establish angling stocks; the species was introduced for aquaculture in 1949. Since then, eight individuals of the species were caught in Catalunia, Spain in 2004 – 14 km away from their native habitat in France. The species is also now present in Northern Ireland, and in the Republic of Ireland.

Although angling for bream is popular, its presence leads to a decrease in submerged plant growth and bottom-dwelling invertebrates. Transfer of bream can also lead to transfer of diseases and parasites, with potential to harm native fish species.

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