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BWM – Challenge Accepted
By Chris McMenemy – Cleanship Solutions

On 8th September 2016 – whilst much of the marine industry was enjoying German hospitality at SMM in Hamburg, Finland was busy depositing its ratification of the ballast water management (BWM) convention with the IMO in London, bringing a convention 12 years in the making over the line.

Of course, their ratification was not a surprise, with numerous rumours and gossip pinpointing their accession almost to the hour, but to many involved in the BWM industry, myself included, it was certainly a pivotal moment. No doubt the bars of Hamburg will have had a busy evening of BWM manufacturers celebrating but we should bear in mind the very real challenges this leaves owners faced with.

The reality of compliance will now be at the forefront of shipowners minds, but where do they start? To me, SMM, with numerous BWM systems on display, highlighted the biggest challenge for shipowners – which technology, system and subsequently, manufacturer should an owner select? Despite having an extensive knowledge of the industry and the suppliers, even we can’t provide a simple answer – because every vessel is different.

Fleet planning is crucial, and understanding the compliance dates for each vessel paramount. BWM system availability is likely to drop, certainly amongst the more well known manufacturers, and the current lead times of circa 4 – 6 months could very well change. Not only that, but many studies have shown that the biggest bottleneck is likely to be the engineering and class approval of the retrofit designs. We recommend owners ensure they are suitably prepared and begin the feasibility work early.

As impartial consultants we must now step up to the plate and accept the challenge of ensuring our valued customers achieve compliance.

One of our key services is the BWM fleet review – the pulling together of a document clearly outlining the compliance dates for each vessel, anticipated retrofit costs, complexity and the technologies available for same. It’s a brief but excellent overview which is a tentative first step for shipowners to have a clear vision of the implications of compliance over the next 6 years.

For a limited time, we are offering this service to all customers free of charge. This is how we accept the challenge of BWM compliance. Simply get in touch to find out more.

Ratification may now be achieved – manufacturers may now be overjoyed at the market potential – but for the shipowner, the challenges have become very real. CSS is determined to work hand in hand with shipowners to help them achieve the most economic, practical method of compliance.

Cleanship Solutions – Retrofit Engineering Specialists

Visit our #bwmchallengeaccepted page for details on how to claim your free fleet compliance review.